Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Sound-Off v. 113

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  1. 5 ways to fall madly in love with yourself from MindBodyGreen.
  2. Marc and Angel share 12 things you should start making time for again - right off the top, this could be my daily to do, but don't list...
  3. Lissa Rankin asks, "who are the friends of your soul?" Soul friends are amazing: I'm beyond grateful to have found mine!
  4. LOVE this: the complete guide to not giving a fuck by Julien Smith. The older I get, the less fucks I have to give, and it. is. AWESOME.
  5. Buzzfeed's 36 delightful facts about Canada make me appreciate being Canadian that much more, eh?
 Apparently the shrub beside the house is a tad chilly.

Appreciated it:
  1. Taxes were done a week ago. WHEEEEE!
  2. Listening to Chebbar bust a gut laughing
  3. Taking time to remember a dear friend and send love to her family
  4. Not taking shit
  5. Our 9th blood donation

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Subtweet THIS!

NEWSFLASH! In case your reading comprehension skills aren't up to snuff, this post is not about a specific individual: it is about subtweeting as a concept.

I watched a friendship implode on Twitter over that one little word. Subtweet.

Subliminal tweets are snarky things people don't have the balls to say directly to someone. I used to call it blind tweeting; others have referred to it as vague tweeting.

 You wanna talk smack about someone without naming them? Fine. We've all done it. What I don't understand is the need to draw attention to it. Why hash tag it with #subtweet? Why use the word at all? Talk shit and leave it at that. Quite frankly, I think the people who do this really DO want the subject of their snark to worry and wonder if it's about her. Newsflash: the person who SHOULD be concerned NEVER thinks it's about her. Ever. I think the best part, though, is when someone is called out on the subtweeting bullshit and she trips all over herself to deny it and/or that it wasn't REALLY about YOU! She would NEVAH!!1one!

Be direct. Own your shit. Don't be a coward. #subtweet (*snort* sorry - couldn't resist)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

That Work Shizzle

Wrote a list: figured I should do something about it.

Sooooo, work. Still love my job. It's feeling a bit better now that The Boss (not to be confused with Bruce Springsteen)(have I made that "joke" before?)(probably) is back from Long Vacation.

We've teamed up with another agency to put on a fairly big, relatively high-profile event. The Other Boss has little to no admin support and had made jokes about not knowing what to DO with an EA (executive assistant). Welp, she figured it out in RECORD time and had me doing all SORTS of (barely related) shit for her in The Boss's absence. It was starting to wear VERY thin; I basically got through by telling myself The Boss would put an end to it once she returned, and she did (thank Ceiling Cat).

I did a lot of things I might not have otherwise been asked to do during the Long Vacation, to the point I was starting to feel... taken advantage of, I guess. I was completing tasks, making arrangements, setting up meetings and wondering why I was never included in the things I was asked to facilitate or why I was never invited to "catch up" lunches. I'm (mostly) over it, but it still gets under my skin a bit - makes me feel every inch of the "JUST an admin" mindset, like what I do and my contributions aren't important enough to merit acknowledgement.

I've been feeling rather overwhelmed and scattered lately. I was at a training seminar for a few days a couple of weeks ago; in my absence, the receptionist walked off the job, so I was trying to put out that fire on my 10 minute coffee break. When I got back to work, I ended up covering reception on the Friday because it was just easier. I've pretty much been playing catch up on those three days ever since. And part of why I'm feeling scattered is because I stopped what was working so well for me because I "don't have time" - my daily, prioritized to do lists have fallen by the wayside all week.

To top it all off, I was called out by a piss ant from the other agency after a meeting on Friday where he basically attacked me for not passing something past him before it was published on OUR website. He acted like a complete child. Because I'm (generally, I think?) a pretty laid back, easy-going person, it ALWAYS catches me off-guard when someone confronts me like that, and I react in one of two ways: I either strike back (usually inappropriate) or shut down. I did a healthy mix of both with him, though, I think - stuck up for myself, spoke up (a bit - I didn't call him out, even though I could have), and didn't let him rile me up to the point of being a piss ant in return.

I'm going back to scheduling time to plan my day in the morning and review my day in the afternoon; the routine helps. I'll be talking to The Boss about Piss Ant. And I'll keep plugging along like I always do. Pin It

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Sound-Off v. 112

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  1. The older I get, the less f*cks I have to give, and it is AWESOME: the complete guide to not giving a f*ck by Julien Smith.
  2. Lifehacker shares 10 ways to beat a bad mood - #5 kind of surprised me, but it makes sense.
  3. I've really gotten into art journalling lately and love finding new inspiration, so I was excited to stumble across the You are Loved (free!!!) guided journal and mandala colouring book by The Creative Dream Incubator, Andrea.
  4. This post is bang-on: do you know how often I skip moisturizing because it "takes too long"? It's TWO MINUTES, for the love of cheese! Use a timer to take better care of yourself from Teacher Goes Back to School.
  5. Quieting body worries with purpose and play via Weightless - interesting perspective with great tips.
 Prompt from Journal 52
Yes, I'm aware my letters look drunk: it's part of their CHARM. Heh
Appreciated it:
  1. CAR RIDES!!! (The dog gets SO excited - makes me grin ear to ear.)
  2. Self-care and coping mechanisms on stressful days
  3. Feeling my feelings (thanks, Mara!)
  4. Standing up for myself
  5. Catching up with old friends

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sights Down Town at 8am on a Tuesday Morning

Well, today was an interesting drive to work! Over the course of a mere 6km in the span of 15 minutes, I saw...
  • A woman carrying a baby at the midsection slung over her arm - I actually thought it was a stuffed animal, the way she was winging that poor kid back and forth (I don't think I've ever seen anyone carry a baby like that before)
  • A young woman on heels so high, she couldn't walk a straight line (for a moment, I feared she was gonna bail right into traffic)
  • An SUV with one of those awareness magnets wiped semi-clean, but a completely-obscured-by-dirt license plate (priorities!)
  • Another young woman walking away from a corner store (in her pajamas, natch) with a container of chocolate milk pressed to her ear (I honestly thought it was some kind of really weird new/old school GIGANTIC cell phone)
I... no words. Just... wow. 

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