Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mental Health Blog Day

Did you know that May is Mental Health Month?  Mental Health is something that has grown near and dear to my heart since my depression diagnosis last September: I do my best to speak openly about what I'm experiencing, offer support to those facing similar things, and attempt to educate others on what depression is and means (mostly that it's not a laughing matter).

In conjunction with Band Back Together and Your Mind Your Body's Mental Health Blog Day, I'm blogging for mental health.

Mental Health Blog Party Badge

My name is Chibi, and I am the face of depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

You can support Mental Health Blog Day by posting on your blog with Your Mind Your Body's badge (code here), and/or link up with Band Back Together (here).  You can also use the hashtag #mhblogday on Twitter. Pin It


  1. I am right there with you, sister. You are beautiful and I thank Ceiling Cat every day fro Twitter cuz that's how I found you.

  2. You're a rockstar as per the usual!

  3.  You are so awesome!!

    I heart you big time.

  4.  i love you lady. i'm better for knowing you.

  5.  That's great. Good for you for speaking out.
    And may I just say that it's been a pleasure getting to know you?

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