Friday, June 17, 2011

What bravery means to me

Self-Discovery, Word By Word is the amazing series started by Dr. Ashley Solomon at Nourishing the Soul, encouraging bloggers to write about what the month's theme word means to them - thoughts, feelings, experiences, and so on.  June is being hosted by Dr. Dana Udall-Weiner at The Body and The Brood: the word she has chosen is bravery.

Bravery is tricky for me.  A number of people have referred to me as "brave," but it's not a word I would choose to describe myself - I don't see anything I do as being particularly courageous.  To me, bravery is a word used to describe police officers, fire fighters paramedics, soldiers - people who make the choice to do dangerous work in order to help others.  However, as Chebbar likes to point out, if I hear the same thing from more than one person, am I really going to assume that all of them - their opinions - are wrong?

I am brave when I realize that I am tired of hanging onto anger, bitterness, and negativity and want to let go of it all.

I am brave when I accept and own my grief, because it is mine and I'm entitled to feel my feelings.

I am brave when I choose to do what is best for me instead of doing what I think everyone else wants from me.

I am brave when I share things I struggle with, because I let others know that they're not alone.

I am brave when I admit that I don't particularly like the way I treat myself, that I want to change, and that I'm willing to start.

I am brave when I speak my mind, even though my opinion may not be well-received.

I am brave when I spill my guts about how I feel about myself and allow myself to be vulnerable.

I am brave when I stand up for what or who I believe in.

I am brave every time I take a chance.

I am brave every time I let someone in.

I guess I'm braver than I thought (although it still feels... weird to refer to myself that way, like I'm tooting my own horn).
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  1. Chibi, great post!  So much of this about facing the hard truths, rather than the easy fibs, and that does take bravery.  Applause here from me.

  2. What a great post!  I especially like the idea that you're brave when you admit you don't like the way you treat yourself.  I think this is a big one--often we continue to treat ourselves poorly because no one knows but us.  But what a terrible cycle, really.  And who says you shouldn't toot your own horn???  Thanks SO much for participating.

  3. Congratulations.

    I think that front line people like soldiers and firemen etc. recognise bravery or courage to be something like recognising the fear and getting on with the job.

    You are rocking.



  4. I can relate to you completely when you say "it's not a word I would choose to describe myself".  I have heard myself referred to as "brave" and it throws me off.  Great words of self awareness!


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