Thursday, July 14, 2011

Challenge: An Exercise in Self-Acceptance

My friend Lynda (with a Y!) from Taking Less Space threw down and challenged her readers to do the self-acceptance exercise (as issued to her by Christie from He Took MY Last Name) she completed on her blog. I had commented saying I was going to give it a shot; she *ahem* gently reminded me on Twitter that she hadn't seen my post yet (I'm thinking I should hire Lynda to be my personal trainer... ), so I'm giving it my best shot!

Per Christie, "Think about how your best friend would compliment your best features. I want you to think of five great things about your body. FIVE. And no Christmas-tree ornaments/negative riders on this. Five 100% HONEST, POSITIVE things you love about yourself."

*gulp* Christie's tough! O_O

1. I have pretty awesome green eyes
2. My smile is nice, and I use it often and easily
3. My rack is attention-worthy (hehe)
4. I have strong, yet soft arms that are great at giving comforting hugs
5. I have cute, little feet

Lynda also wrote about five non-physical traits for extra credit; as a fellow over-achiever, I'm game...

1. I am very empathetic
2. I am fiercely loyal
3. I love easily
4. I am a good listener/person/friend
5. I have a goofy sense of humour

The rest of Christie's challenge involved choosing five non-physical things to change to feel better about ourselves (like reading one more chapter of a book per day, or taking an extra ten minutes in the shower):

1. Take care of my back
2. Practice mindfulness and self-compassion
3. Start meditating on a regular basis
4. Keep trying yoga: I *know* I can do it, and I *know* I'll enjoy it - I just need to stick with it and cut my perfectionist-self some damned slack already
5. Get creative (yes, including that secret desire I haven't breathed a word about out loud because it scares me)

I DID IT, LYNDA! So, who's next? ;)

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  1. haven't heard from my mom, but my sister took the challenge too! i am proud of her - this was very liberating.

  2. Thank you for the challenge!  And thank you for letting me get to know you a little.

  3. i am doing this - my post is going up this weekend. on my MAIN blog, too, not my silly little side blog where i hide the stuff i don't want my mother to see.

  4. This is awesome!  YOU are awesome!

  5. HURRAY!! thanks so much for taking part in this and you did great! I don't see anything but positivity for miles!

  6. I need to do this .... once I'm on the computer rather than the iPad so I can cut & paste the directions & links :)

  7. You. Are. Awesome. I love this and am so happy you rose up to the challenge. (And very well, I might add.) I hope you feel good about it, too. Maybe we can start a meme! Let's keep this going... : )

  8. You. Are. Awesome. Love it. So happy you did it (and I'm sure you are too!) Maybe we can start a 


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