Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So what if my body never gets smaller/tighter/better? Is that going to kill me?  No.
So what if my shape/weight stays the same? Is that going to be the end of the world?  No.
So what if I stay the same size? Does that keep me from finding nice clothes to wear?  No.
Does anyone who loves me love me less because of how I look?  No.
Should I love myself less because of how I look?  Hell no.
Should I concern myself with what strangers might think of me based purely on my looks?  Screw that!
Am I perfectly okay the way I am, right this very second?  Hell yes!

(The realizations are slow and happen in baby steps (and yes, Chebbar, usually after someone wiser and unbiased points it out first *wink*), but they're happening, and for that I'm grateful.)

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  1. *hearing Pink's So What! in the background*

    You rock so hard!!! xoxo

  2. Every day, I work on this...every. single. day.  Go you!

  3. I have this marked as a personal favorite. Awesome. I love this. 

  4. The ONLY reason to be concerned about weight is health.  All that other stuff - all those other concerns - are window dressing.


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