Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Sound-Off

I decided that, being the rampant narcissist I am, I'd do a weekly round-up of the best blog posts I've read, pretty pictures I've gazed at, and (for shits and giggles) the top things I was grateful for this week. Because I just know you're all dying to know this crap, right?!?  :D

Schtuff I Shared

1. 3 Body Image Myths by  Margarita Tartakovsky at Weightless

2. I'm SO bad about spinning yarns: are you?

4. The Demoiselles share an amazing video regarding advertising's objectification of women - definitely worth the 5 minutes...

5. If you're not reading Daydreaming Fool's blog (or following her on twitter), you're seriously missing out: girlfriend is FUNNY.

Grateful Grazing
1. Costco bills under $100 (a freaking MIRACLE)
2. Brownies and whipped cream
3. Same-day chiro appointments
4. Baby steps
5. Midol

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this and for continuing your tour of self acceptance. I think it's helping all of us. : )

  2. Gratitude begets gratitude. Thank you for putting more of that good stuff ou tin the world. Off to explore.

  3. Brownies and whipped cream = yum!

    I am bad about spinning yarns. Past experiences (and perceptions of experiences) really can color our present experiences. "Wisdom tells us to assume nothing and stick to the facts" <--that is awesome! 


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