Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Sound-Off

I decided that, being the rampant narcissist I am, I'd do a weekly round-up of the best blog posts I've read, pretty pictures I've gazed at, and (for shits and giggles) the top things I was grateful for this week. Because I just know you're all dying to know this crap, right?!?  :D
  1. This tip from @foodlush on preventing moldy berries may just be my favourite (berry-inhaling-self's) thing I've ever learned in my entire 33 years. (Big thanks to @karensugarpants for pointing me in the right direction!)
  2. @ohjennymae stated exactly what my Self-Acceptance board on Pinterest is trying to counteract. As I stated in my comment on her post, it is NEVER okay to make ANY joke about ANYONE’S body - bodies are not a laughing matter, period.
  3. The ever-amazing @jettsuperior wrote an amazing post (seriously: if you're not reading her blog, you should be - she's a sorceress with words <3) about how wasteful we are with one another.
  4. @kekibird shared this really, well, relieving post from Whatever, Etc. about how none of the clothing celebrities wear is off-the-rack: EVERYTHING has been tailored to fit their body shapes. It's no wonder so many of us have struggled for so freaking long wondering what is "wrong" with our bodies for them to not fit in clothing. GRRR!
  5. And because I'm a) that asshole, and b) kinda proud of this post, go read my take on the hierarchy of blogging.
  1. High praise for a job done well
  2. Purple shirts
  3. Getting contracts done with no errors/reprints
  4. Not worrying about things outside of my control
  5. Freshly painted toes in OPI's Pamplona Purple:  
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  1. The clothes are actually kind of funny, in a not ha-ha way.

    Women (and men, I suppose) spend so much energy focusing on getting a body that looks like X, measures Y or weighs Z. But clothing sizes aren't actually made for women who fit into the smaller, thinnest camps.

    They're made for the slightly-under average North American woman, who tends to wear around a size eight, rocks a 36C and has a hip-to-waist ratio of .8. The lithe ones typically fall around .6 to .7 , sometimes make it into a 34B, have size 0 pants that require a belt and XS dresses that are nearly completely shapeless. Because they're made for women's vital, nourished bodies. :)

  2. heya! i just saw t his. been off in la-la land. thanks for the love. we can all love one another, right?!? and still be different. right?!? love to you!

  3. LOVING your Sunday links. Amazing!

  4. Purple is one of my favorite polish colors. Your toes are matching mine :)

    Still clicking through your links...

  5. Off to read your links. This is a great idea.


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