Monday, July 4, 2011

This is who I am

As part of a self-improvement exercise I did back around Christmas, I asked by friends and family to describe me in three (positive!) words. Not long after, I took inspiration from Operation Beautiful (sent to me by the lovely Princess Jenn after my "Ugly" post) and wrote myself notes of encouragement. As well, because I need the boost sometimes, I kinda sorta started keeping a list of compliments people paid me so that when I'm feeling particularly awful and being not-so-nice to myself, I can refer to said list to remind myself that other people think I'm kind of okay.

Today, after seeing a great idea for a teacher's gift, I decided to play with Wordle. This is who I am...

Kind of a nice, visual reminder.  :)
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  1. I love this so much!!

  2. you are all of that, and more

  3. What a wonderful idea!  And you did a GREAT job on the colors/placement! 
    Reminds me of being in elementary school when everyone would right their name
    on a piece of paper and it would make it's way around the room until everyone
    had written something nice about everyone.  We should do that more, as adults! 
    It's so easy to forget all the attributes people see in us that we sometimes
    can't see in ourselves.  And I often wonder how the people around me see me. 
    You know, other than 'weird'.  And, gosh darn it, sometimes a person needs to be reminder of all the reasons they rock.


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