Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Sound-Off - The I'm-Gonna-Make-You-Cry Edition

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  1. Give yourself 5 minutes of self-love (even *I* can do 5 minutes!).
  2. The Fat Nutritionist helped me understand my body-mind disconnect (or my "reverse body dysmorphia, as I used to call it) when I see pictures of myself.
  3. This little guy wouldn't wear his hearing aid because superheros don't wear hearing aids. Marvel? Made a hearing aid-wearing superhero. *wibbles*
  4. I Want To Know What It's Like:
5.  And to lighten the mood, Meme Proposal (because I'm sure you've all seen Isaac's Live Lip-Dup Proposal video by now, right?):

Appreciated it: 
  1. Date nights in honour of 5th anniversaries <3 (Oh, yeah. Did I tell you it was our 5th anniversary last Monday? Cuz it totally was.)
  2. EFT (holy CRAP! I was SO skeptical, but shit, y'all - first time I'd had honest-to-Ceiling-Cat relief for my back pain (that was a solid 7, edging on 8) in SIX DAYS.)
  3. A new duvet JUST for me! There's just something about the smell, sound, and weight of a duvet that gives me a big happy.
  4. Skittles
  5. Operation Awesome

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  1. thedaydreamingfoolMay 28, 2012 at 1:50 PM

    Hearing aid video - amazing. Was telling my family all about it. I get so many good links from you. So good. Also saw the wedding proposal one through you. And have since forth wanted some serious romance in my life. DAMN YOU! ;)

    Fucking RIGHT ON for the 'I want to know what it's like' vid.  
    EFT - Amazing. So freakin' happy for you.

    Hell yeah I love duvets. The weight and warmth and comfort of blankets makes me happy.

    OA -Makes my life. Times about 17 million. 

    Love it all. xoxo 


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