Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Sound-Off

Shared it:
  1. How to make succulent planters from old books
  2. 9 reasons you should stop caring about others' approval
  3. 10 things to remind yourself on a daily basis
  4. A Pep Talk to Myself and You via Schmutzie
  5. Babies eating lemons for the first time:

Appreciated it:
  1. Answers to health questions
  2. New office supplies
  3. Feeling the breeze through an open window
  4. Commonalities and understanding
  5. Apologies

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  1. I'm conflicted. The planters are awesome, and I want one.....but I just can't do it. (I know he addresses this in the post, but I'm still not convinced). 

    New office supplies are ALWAYS a beautiful thing!

    Have I mentioned that I miss you? Because I do. Hope you are having a wonderful day. 


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