Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Sound-Off v. 55

Shared it:
  1. 15 life hacks to instantly boost your confidence via The Feel Good Lifestyle
  2. 4 small steps for a simpler, less distracted, and less stressful online life via The Positivity Blog
  3. 40 ways to create peace of mind from Tiny Buddha - I want to print this off and post it everywhere!
  4. When more curvy people practice yoga by Anna Guest-Jelley
  5. This video is BEYOND inspirational - if he can do it, anyone can! Arthur Boorman's incredible transformation:
Appreciated it:
  1. French toast
  2. Placing needs before wants
  3. Remembering I left my phone at work *before* I got all the way home
  4.  Speaking my mind
  5. Capturing an 8-year old's giggles during his first off-road adventure

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1 comment:

  1. I have been craving French toast SO BAD this pregnancy, it is insane. I wasn't craving it today until you reminded me of it, though :)


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