Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Sound-Off v. 56

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  1. Michelle from The Fat Nutritionist shares her thoughts on the Jennifer Livingston video.
  2. This article is also related to that video.
    "The writer of that email is Just Concerned About Her Health.

    To you, I say this: If you gave a good goddamn about the health of fat people, you'd shut up about our fatness. You are destroying our mental health -- and that can kill a person just as surely as anything else."
  3. Vivienne McMaster's post on self-bullying was a shame-inducing realization for me (but in a GOOD way, if that makes sense).
  4. Have you ever felt like an elephant? When I feel too big for my own space, I usually equate it to feeling like a hippo, but any large animal will do. Valerie Tookes urges us to notice how we speak about ourselves to others (or even ourselves).
  5. Inspiration for your weekend from Christina Rosalie.

Appreciated it:
  1. Asking for help/delegating a task
  2. Surviving a dentist appointment
  3.  Taking my book to bed
  4. Calling out body shaming
  5. Feeling cute

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