Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are You a Lovebian?

I first learned of Lovebian Designs through Erin Margolin's The Gay Dad Project. From the site:

"Lovebian - Engages in relationships based on the quality of love not gender, race or creed.   

In other words Human and you can Lovebian ANYTHING!

 We take the label out of love! 

We celebrate the diversity of love through Lovebian Designs and are changing the world one Lovebian at a time! 

Who needs a label? NOONE! 

Love and live life to the fullest and get your nerd on along the way! 
We celebrate everything including "your mom" jokes because they are just that awesome. 

It's not who you love..... It's THAT you love.

What do you Lovebian?

Because We Lovebian Together!"

Cool, right? Pair that with their offer to custom-design a shirt with what you Lovebian, and I was sold. I answered the questions on their Make Your Own page on Sunday with the Straight Ally symbol in my side bar; Monday afternoon, the amazing Heather had sent me a a mock up of the design; and by last night, my design was live on the site!

It's currently available in women's sizes, but they're working on men's shirts, too. How COOL is that?!? SO freaking cool! :D They'll be out of town for a bit, so any orders placed after Wednesday won't be printed or shipped until after the 20th, but that's not long to wait for such a cool shirt, IM(not so)HO.  ;)

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