Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'll admit it: I was getting tired with the proliferation of selfies flooding my Instagram feed (in fact, I'm guilty of unfollowing a few people who posted nothing but selfies repeatedly throughout the day). Hell, even animals are taking selfies. I almost stabbed myself in the eye when I read the Oxford Dictionary made "selfie" the word of the year (damned narcissists need to get off my lawn).

Then I started seeing articles about the selfies you HAVE to stop taking, which progressed to articles INSISTING you HAVE to stop taking selfies altogether. I like to do the exact opposite of that thing you INSIST I stop doing (see: speaking in LOLcats, using emoticons, and every other thing some sanctimonious blogger shouts about in all-caps) - it's my sad, pathetic way of rebelling - so I was pretty much back on the "you go ON with your bad selfie-taking self!" bandwagon.


Then Jezebel published this particular bit of tripe (don't worry: no click-through bonus here! check this out: donotlink - cool, hey?) stating that selfies are a "cry for help," the implication being that women shouldn't need the outlet/audience/feedback/attention (and if we do, well, that's not very feminist of us).

I had seen the #feministselfie hashtag on Instagram and posted a picture or two of myself using it, intended on writing a post, then promptly forgot over Christmas. I saw the first #365feministselfie on Instagram on New Year's Day, did some digging and some reading (check out Viva La Feminista for a great post), and decided to join. This is something I've tried in the past with Daily Booth to try to... normalize my body for myself (and failed, both in the normalizing and in the daily pictures); I think the message we're sending along with the pictures may keep me motivated.

Join in the fun! Use the #365feministselfie hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; Veronica has also started a Flickr group for pictures as well. (I'd also like to point out that, since you don't have to be a woman to be a feminist, this isn't just restricted to women, guys...)

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  1. I love this challenge. There has been a lot of hubbub lately surrounding feminism - what it is, what it takes to make one. For me feminism is a no-brainer if you're a woman and you want equality across the board. There are as many ways to be a feminist as there are women. I feel that part of that should be to stop tearing down other women for what they do or don't do. There's power in every action, if it has intent behind it. Solidarity, sister.

  2. Yes, yes, a THOUSAND times yes! #thisiswhyiloveyou


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