Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Sound-Off v. 107

Shared it:
  1. An excellent post from Sarah Kate Levy about stranger danger: "Tricky People" are the New Strangers.
  2. HuffPost Healthy Living shares 5 ways to add more joy to your life - I'm partial to #5 and am going to do #3 today!
  3. As a relatively new doggy mama, this question honestly hadn't occurred to me until I read this Dogington Post article: what would happen to your dog if something happened to you?
  4. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more - the 9 most epic texting pranks of all time via Distractify.
  5. There is a 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon connection with this one: young photographer lands dream job at Coke from Yahoo Screen (yes, it totally made me wibble at the end - shut up).
 O hai, beautiful sunrise! #nofilter

Appreciated it:
  1. Warm coats
  2. A good cup of tea
  3. Getting TONS done at work
  4. Mr. Amazing Dog winning us $350 on the radio this week (he's going to Disneyland the doggy spa!)
  5. Venturing out with said dog after a week of no walks because it's been a skating rink out there

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1 comment:

  1. I need to start reading slower. I read your first "appreciated it" as "warm goats" ... <3


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