Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Sound-Off v. 123

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  1. Freaking fantastic. "All I'm doing is handing out sticks. You're the one staying alive." No Cry for Help via en.webfail.
  2. #3 really gave me pause. MindBodyGreen shares "8 Things I Learned From Being a Contestant on The Biggest Loser."
  3. Interesting concept - do you think it would work for you? Might work for me... "Need motivation? Here's how to talk to yourself, according to science." from Huff Post's Third Metric.
  4. Yep. Happify's infographic on all the reasons pets make us happier.
  5. Oh, the tears. This is why you don't judge a book by its cover, folks. "Cardboard Stories":

 Quote by unknown. Journal page by me.

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  1. That brief, shining moment when not only are all your clothes clean, but they're also all put away, not sitting on top of your dresser...
  2. Doggy EOL plans *sobs* <--- do="" u="" warning:="">not
click through unless you want to cry and/or have no soul. Just trust me, okay? Just this once.
  • Figuring out some HTML code to make the work website look the way I want
  • Getting fiddly tasks done when I'm too tired to do anything requiring brain power
  • Walking in the rain

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    1. Thank you for sharing our video, and more importantly, sharing the #CardbaordStories of our homeless neighbors.

    2. Thank YOU for creating something that will hopefully get people thinking before they judge. <3


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